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Leap Map

As much as we like digital tools, there's nothing better than a large space to chart out your plans. The Leap Map becomes the central place for designing your Leap. You can complete this with others, post it in your home or office, or easily travel with it to revisit it often.

Field Guide

The Field Guide is your trusty companion that walks you through each phase of taking a Leap. It helps you dig deeper into each section of the map with hands-on activities and real-life examples from other leapers.

Coaching Cards

Losing steam or getting stuck is inevitable when taking a risk to learn something new. The Coaching Cards are ideas and activities curated from leading authors, artists, entrepreneurs, and educators. They contain quick tips to get unstuck when on the move, or ways to guide conversation when meeting with a friend or mentor.

Folio & Accessories

The kit ships with a pad of post-it notes and a custom “Leap” Sharpie so you can get started as soon as it arrives. Each element of the kit is housed in a durable folio made of recycled bonded leather.

Lessons & Community

We’ve created a series of lessons and examples to help you get started and stay motivated with your Leap. We’ll also invite you to the Leap Kit Slack Channel, where you can connect with hundreds of other leapers around the world to chat, lend each other courage, inspiration, and find collaboration opportunities.

You'll learn how to...

CHOOSE A PROJECT: Throughout the Discover Phase, you'll learn how to determine the best Leap to take for you and your work/life. The Discovery phase allows space to design your leap and ask questions about what inspires you.
CHART YOUR PATH: The Prepare phase is the “stepping back” moment before jumping. It is a push to look around to identify resources and the people you’ll want supporting you, and to foresee possible challenges ahead.
CREATE YOUR ROUTINE: The Act phase focuses on setting small, incremental goals that will ultimately help land a Leap, and on quickly testing ideas in order to uncover new possibilities along the way.
SHARE YOUR STORY: You'll find the real value in your Leap by reflecting upon it. The Share phase helps you document progress along the way and turn it into a compelling story they can share with others - from friends and family to potential employers.