Getting Prepared

Leaping is done best with others. Building a strong community not only helps you find resources, but adds fun, motivation, and accountability. In the prepare video, Experience Institute’s Eli Sidman explores his own experience and search for allies in his process. This video explores:

  • Take inventory
  • Build a community of support
  • Understand how others fit into your leap
  • Know my challenges
  • Second set of eyes

There’s a deeper step to the Build a Community of Support than we touch on in the video. On page 25 of the Leap Kit Field Guide, we lay out the types of people you should consider reaching—from the Cheerleader to the Instigator. The Prepare coaching cards can also provide a little extra courage. 

Looking for a specific type of person for your community of support? Head over to the Slack Channel and pose a question to the community.

Recommended Coaching Card:

Make Something

Additional Resources:

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