Ready to Leap

It’s important to explore your motivations and objectives in order to have a set direction and build an emotional connection with your goal. Experience Institute’s Eli Sidman takes you through the four sections of a Leap, beginning with Discover. Here, Eli looks at how his previous experience led to a new project. The video explores:

  • Leap Statement
  • Why Leap
  • Where I Hope to Land

We talk on page 15 of the Leap Kit Field Guide about how putting goals into a concise statement will help you stay focused through the twists and turns of a Leap. This is why we push you to find a deeper Leap Statement than just “exercise more” or “be more kind.” If it feels overwhelming, the resources in the Leap Kit are there to help, including the Field Guide, (pages 15-18) and the Coaching Cards.

Want to share your Leap Statement? Head over to the Slack channel and post it to our community.

Recommended Coaching Card:

Plot Your Rollercoaster

Additional Resources:

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